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Without media break from detailed measure to supervisory board report

Every company is exposed to risks. The crucial thing is to deal with risks correctly. Those who systematically observe and evaluate risks can avoid risks to the company at an early stage and take advantage of opportunities.

Taking care of the "management of its own risks" is therefore a core task of a company. In addition, the company's management is legally obligated to take risk precautions as part of its corporate liability.

Decisio's risk management software RiskCity, which can be used across all industries, supports you in all areas and helps you to implement your risk management process in practice.


Completeness and transparency instead of confusing Excel lists

Risk management software Decisio RiskCity covers the full range of risk management from detailed measure to supervisory board report in an integrated system without media breaks. Data is prepared in a recipient-oriented manner. Excel lists' confusion belongs to the past.

Successful risk management starts at completeness and transparency.

Riskcity answers questions such as:
  • What risks exist?
  • What operational risks exist?
  • Which countermeasures are planned?
  • What is the implementation status of measures?
  • Are the risk reports complete?
  • What should be reported to management and supervisory board?
RiskCity supports the following goals:
  • Compliance with legal requirements (KonTraG)
  • Provision of current and consistent information about risks
  • Action-oriented risk management
  • Fast communication
  • Consistent projection of measures
  • Current and comparable risk overlays
  • Transparency about the risk situation
  • Avoid media breaks and loss of information
  • Automated reporting generation
  • Assign and evaluate early warning indicators

The overall system of risk management software consists of various components.

From the portal to application integration, modules to define a hierarchy model, risk recording and tracking to management, there is a large number of practical modules.


We are offering a variety of modules to expand the functionalities of our risk management software RiskCity. Optional modules can be integrated into RiskCity at any time. This gives you a functional risk management system with 1 to 2 days of customizing.

Even if there are customer-specific adaptation needs, RiskCity is the ideal solution. The system architecture ensures that the basic system remains reliable even after such adjustments and extensions.


Dunning offers the possibility of drawing attention to overdue risks or measures in 4 stages by emailing alerts.

  • Mail notification with overdue risks
  • Configurable via the administration area
  • Memory and up to 3 dunning levels adjustable
  • Each stage has its own settings, e.g. the time of execution
  • Logging of all events

Use the workflow module for smooth work processes. You determine the level of complexity. Status, authorizations and behavior can be configured separately for each level.

From graphic support in the execution to optional mail notifications for each workflow level - almost everything is possible thanks to maximum dynamics and configurability.


The consolidation module supports you in risk aggregation. Grouping of individual risks and creation of replacement risks facilitate overview in large reporting structures.

Evaluations can be created either with inclusion or exclusion of replacement risks.

  • The selection of the individual risks to be compacted is manually or automatically
  • A re-evaluation of the replacement risk is possible
Risk book, full version

The risk book supports you in creating target group-specific reports. Create reporting templates for your various boards and generate reports with the current data from RiskCity within minutes at the push of a button.

Save many hours of working time that you have previously spent with the transfer of risk information from Excel in PowerPoint.

Customers/Customer risk reports

Provide professionalism and transparency to your customers. Connect your risks to the effects on your customers. Create effects individually tailored to the customer. In particular, the risk book in connection with the customer module allows you to report variable and customer-related.

  • Various customer hierarchy trees can be configured
  • Effects of the individual risk on the respective customer
  • Customer-related creation of evaluations possible

By using our search module you save precious time when looking for risks and/or measures. The results of the full-text search can be further refined using filters.

  • Display number of hits
  • Display number of matches per search result
  • Preview of the risk or measure
  • Jump to risk or measure via direct link
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Sample risks for owner-operators

Owner-operator regulations of many federal states demand that municipal companies also have to pursue risk management.

However, time and employees are often missing in their owner-operators, in order to deal intensively with the introduction of a risk management system.

To ensure a quick and inexpensive introduction, Decisio offers a sample risk catalog with 225 risks and 486 measures from 8 operating areas for your owner-operators.

More information can be found here

Customer votes

"For several years we have been managing our risks with risk management software by Decisio. The expansion of RiskCity by customer risks as IT service providers in the banking and Sparkassen environment brought us a number of advantages. Our reports will be created in no time without manual work steps. Our customers' close appointments can be met and the risk of providing incomplete reports is also averted by using an integrated system."

Thomas Kreft, Wincor Nixdorf Portavis GmbH

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